Criminal Defense

A criminal conviction in a California court not only puts you at risk for a lengthy jail or prison term, substantial fines and restitution, a record as a felon and ruin your reputation but can also jeopardize rights that many of us take for granted. Your driver's license, professional license, gun ownership rights and voting rights may also be lost, once you return to society.

A bleak, life-changing outcome, to be sure — but it can be avoided. Experienced criminal defense attorneys can take charge of your case and defend your interests during every phase of the judicial system. This is what our lawyers do, every day, for clients in Riverside County, the Inland Empire and surrounding areas — at Davis Wojcik Duarte, a Professional Law Corporation, in Temecula.

If you have been arrested for theft, domestic violence, sex crime, weapons violation, drug offense, DUI or a white collar financial crime, you can trust our law firm's more than 50 years of experienced advocacy to give credibility to your side of the story. We carefully inspect every aspect of your arrest and bring a thoroughly prepared case to negotiations with prosecutors. At trial, we work hard to impress judges and juries with presentations that eloquently state your goals.

Unique Defense Representation For Unique Criminal Cases In Southern California Courts

Have you been accused of a probation violation? Did a violation of your Fourth Amendment rights lead to serious drug charges? Are you seeking an expungement of a previous criminal charge, so you can qualify for employment, housing or security clearance?

Our full-service leadership can benefit a broad range of clients facing felony and misdemeanor charges. But we need to hear from you now, so the hard work of protecting your rights can begin. For an initial consultation with Davis Wojcik Duarte, a Professional Law Corporation, call today — (951) 587-2222. You can also secure an appointment by email message.