Weapons Violations

Criminal charges for state and federal weapons violations are serious businesses that carry serious, permanent consequences.

A guilty verdict at trial for offenses such as felon in possession of a weapon or sales of stolen assault weapons can easily translate to a variety of stunning penalties: incarceration, fines and a criminal record, just to name a few.

If this predicament sounds familiar, if a gun was used in the commission of a drug crime and your future is at risk in a courtroom, the only way to put this crisis behind you is to retain the most experienced, proven-effective criminal defense attorneys you can find.

We have those lawyers, and a tradition of dedication to your rights, at the Davis Wojcik Duarte, a Professional Law Corporation, law firm in Temecula, serving Riverside County and the Inland Empire.

Right now, you need peace of mind that your legal affairs are being capably handled at every juncture of the judicial process. We do that — with openness to your version of what happened, access to expert investigative resources, proven negotiation skills that impress prosecutors and arguments that resound with judges and juries.

This has been our firmwide formula for success for more than 50 years of practice. If an arrest for any weapons violation has interrupted your life, from manufacture to distribution of unregistered firearms or dangerous knives, you will receive the very best of our quality legal services, in and out of court, start to finish.

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